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Global OHSDI Symposium 2020

日時:2020年10月19日(月曜) 13:00-翌朝まで(日本時間)  オンライン開催


Global OHSDI Symposium 2020 のメインデーで、日本時間 13:00からスタートです。

特に16:00-17:00JSTは、APAC Networking Timeとして色々な方が登場します。


  • Meghan has been working on the FDA BEST and CDC projects for the last 2 years as well as many other OMOP conversions.  She also co-chaired the THEMIS working group with me.  She has a lot of experience around the OMOP CDM, how it’s used and the vocabulary.   She’s in love with OHDSI that she’s decided to do this at 3 AM her time.

  • Anthony (aka Tony) is an architect who has been setting up the OHDSI environment left and right.  He is also an ETL developer thus has the best insights into how your organization can help set things up.  Another crazy OHDSI lover who can’t sleep at midnight so he decided to join the fun with a beer in his hand. 

  • Sarah leads a team of data scientists who conducts OHDSI studies around the world.  Above her amazing technical skills, you guys might know her better by her artwork at the Symposium last year, in the Book of OHDSI – Korean version, or Patrick’s Team’s background.  Anything up your sleeves this year?

  • Dr. Chan... there is not enough words to describe what a machine Dr. Chan is.  Maybe that’s why he fits best in the machine learning part of OHDSI.  Oh… and he has a lot of hidden skills too.  Again, not enough amazing words to describe Dr. Chan.  Go see for yourself and have a chat.

  • Henry has participated in many different study-a-thons in OHDSI in both the US and EU.  He’s surely someone who you wanna talk to if you are thinking about how to run network studies and code in R. 

  • Nicole and Jing - that’s it.  Their names says it all about these two lovely ladies.  Everyone here knows about the APAC Hypertension study, but others may not so help spread the word.

  • Selva – The next rising star in Singapore.  Go and test his knowledge of the OMOP CDM

  • Lingyi – Another rising star, but in China.  See if you can stump him with your CDM questions

  • Xialin – young, but also up there in data scientist skills.  Has worked on several OHDSI network studies around the globe.  Go seek her out if you wanna know how you can get it done.

  • Mui – I’m just the crazy maniac who you won’t stop talking so if you want a laugh or two, come join me.  As always, feel free to tell me to stop. 

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